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Maximilian Plank DE

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Your personal wishes, dreams and goals are always at the center of my consultation. Choose a topic now and contact me directly. Let us discuss your individual provision, financing and investment plans.

Homeownership, Financing, Debt Restructuring

Get a loan

  • Tailored to your individual life situation
  • A Swiss Life Select advisor instead of multiple bank contacts
  • Benefit from excellent partnerships with banks and savings banks
  • Compare loan conditions easily and conveniently 

Building Society Savings

  • State-supported foundation for real estate financing
  • Flexible building society savings options for your construction projects, renovation, or as a secure investment
  • Government bonuses in addition to interest on your savings
  • Basis for a secure building society loan

Debt restructuring

  • Take advantage of current low interest rates
  • Compare loan offers from banks
  • Get a new loan with lower monthly payments

Financing an investment apartment

  • Financial retirement planning
  • Future apartment for your children
  • Secure additional income through renting
  • Cash purchase or credit financing possible
  • Credit repayment through rental income

Pensions and Insurance Solutions

Providing for your future with funds

  • Establishing financial security for your retirement
  • Long-term higher returns compared to savings accounts
  • Risk reduction through diversification
  • Systematically building wealth for your retirement
  • Benefiting from stock market prices without directly buying stocks

Private pension plan

  • Ideal supplement to a state retirement plan
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Particularly useful for young policyholders
  • Investment in secure securities and assets

Government-sponsored pension plans 

  • Tax-free, lifelong pension payments after the accumulation phase or capital payout
  • Attractive funding through government bonuses
  • Capital guarantee (including guarantee of government bonuses)
  • Claims transferable in case of death

Investment apartments

  • Retirement provision through real estate
  • Secure additional income through renting out
  • Cash purchase or through credit
  • Financing credit repayment through rental income

Endowment insurance

  • Protection for family members while simultaneously saving for retirement
  • Secure retirement plan with stable returns
  • Can be used as collateral, inherited, and transferred
  • Participation in surplus profits
  • Low monthly payments

Term life insurance

  • Provision for surviving dependents: Guaranteed insurance sum in the event of death
  • Real estate financing or other loans for security
  • Start is possible with small amounts

Disability insurance

  • Premium reimbursement in case of occupational disability of 50 percent or more
  • Tariffs with premium refunds
  • Financial support for reintegration into professional life
  • Also possible as supplementary insurance
  • Tariffs with post-insurance guarantees for increasing disability pensions due to marriage etc.

Nursing care insurance

  • Wide range of protection for long-term care needs:
  • Long-term care insurance and care annuity insurance
  • Financial protection for family members of those in need of care
  • Can be combined with other forms of insurance as supplementary coverage
  • High-performing policies and policy combinations

Accident insurance

  • Extensive and individual risk protection in the event of an accident
  • Payments in case of disability
  • Protection for individuals, families, children, seniors, and groups
  • Continued pay in case of work disability due to an accident

Anlagestrategien auf höchstem Niveau

Swiss Life Select Classic

  • Investments of 10,000 EUR and higher
  • Investment strategy with asset-managing funds
  • Continuously adjusted to current market conditions

Swiss Life Select Individual

  • Investments of 25,000 EUR and higher
  • Oriented towards ETFs
  • Various asset classes
  • Broadly diversified
  • Cost-effective portfolio solutions

Asset Management*

  • Standardized or individually tailored concepts
  • Based on market assessments of international renowned investment companies
  • Your personal preferences are incorporated into the investment solution
  • Portfolio management according to your specifications

*carried out by Select INVESTMENT GmbH